My Dear Parishioners and friends

Our Lady of Remedies Parish Kirem, Aikala, is one of the oldest Parishes of the diocese of Mangalore. As per the diocesan records the parish of Kirem was established or erected in the year of 1740. The oral tradition and recorded history tell us that many Christians of Kirem Parish were taken captives to Srirangapattanam by tippu in the year 1784 and that the Kirem Church was demolished. In the year 1795-97 the church was rebuilt. Kirem Parish is also known for its educational institutions. Three Hr. Primary Schools, the Highschool and P.U.C, Pompei College and Postgraduation (Mcom) Studies. Constitute the educational institutions.

The Parishioners of Kirem have been blessed with good education and as a result they are settled and are working in different parts of the world. They come down during vacations to visit their parents, the graves of their parents and family members, some to thank the patron Our Lady of Remedies, some come down during holidays and during festivities. They feel proud to be associated and affiliated to their roots of faith and life.

Through this website, they will be able to read and see what’s happening in our Parish and feel connected to the parish a day-to-day on basis. I Fr Victor D’Mello, the parish Priest feel proud and happy to inaugurate this website and dedicate it to the parishioners, those living in the Parish and those working, living and settled all over the world in one word “the Kirengars”.

I request you to feel free to give us your observations, appreciations and suggestions.

The news, upcoming events, weakend announcements. Obituaries and funeral details will be published in the website.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who helped us to design and set up this website. Special word of thanks to Mr. Patrick Menezes. Ex Principal of Pompei College. For collecting the necessary information, thanks to all the Parishioners for their appreciation and co-operation. I pray that the purpose of setting this website, of “being connected to the Parish of Kirem” may be realized.

With God’s blessings and best wishes.

Fr. Victor D’Mello
Parish Priest

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