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A Brief History of Kirem Parish

The Parish of Our Lady of Remedies – Kirem , is situated  30 kms. To the North-East of Mangalore, 10 kms. off the Arabian  sea-coast.  It is one of the most ancient parishes of Mangalore diocese. The Kirem is originated from the  place called   QUIREM in Goa where  a church dedicated to our Lady of Remedies exists, and  a Goan priest from this place came here   as a missionary, and he named  this place “Quirem” and he built a  church dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies. There are many opinions regarding how this word Kirem originated. Accouding to  One opinion the word Kirem derived from  the word “Kirant” ( a blood sucking insect found in animals); another opinion  is that the word Quirem might have come  from the word    KERE(a    lake    in-tulu)

Till 1780  a Portuguese missionary used to visit this cammunity to take care of the spiritual needs, In 1783 a bigger church was built In 1784   a Goan  priest  came here. The newly built church was demolished by Tippu’s soldiers who took Christians as captives. There is a local tradition which says that local bunts protected this church. Even today the local bunts are honored by the parish during the parish feast.

We have some historical records pointing out the origin of the Kirem . The Christians of this area requested a sale of land at Kadukambla of Aikala village for the construction of a church  for Santa Maria. The Parish of Kirem came in existence in mid 18th century.

Actually with the dawn of 20th century the history of Kirem parish starts.
Kirem Parish is the mother parish for many parishes surrounding the area. Many parishes were carved out of this  Parish:KIREM 
1.Kinnigoli (1804)
2.Belman (1894)
3.Paladka (1913)
4.Bolkunje (1915)
5.Niddodi (1937)
6.Neerude (1945)
7.Bola-kelmbet (1964)
8.Kateel (1971)
9.Mundkur (1998)

Ever since the establishment of Kirem Parish, its parish priests  have worked  zealously to meet the religious, educational, social and economic  needs of the people, they were helped in these endeavors by young and energetic  priests as their assistants. But above all, they were supported by the parishioners themselves.
The contributions of Kirem parish priests to the field of education are particularly praiseworthy. These priests as the leaders of the community have not ony established several educational institutions in the parish but also toiled to build up  and to upgrade these institutions.

Fr. George Menezes D.D: started the Pompeii High School (1945)

Elinje Primary School (1945)

Patte Primary School (1945)

Fr. Basil A. D’Souza upgraded the High School to P.U. College (1963)

Fr. Bernard L. D’Souza started Pompei College. (1981) and  gave a new look to the P.U.    College

Fr. Charles Noronha added a new science block  to P.U. College and built a new auditorium (2005-06)

Fr. Paul Pinto started St. John Paul II P.G. Block (M.Com. Courses    were started)    (2012)

The Parish owes a good deal of gratitude to these  for projecting the image of Kirem as a great centre of higher education

Therefore, the literacy among the Catholic parishioners of Kirem is very high

The religious and moral atmosphere prevailing in the parish is visible from the very large number of vocations to priestly and religious life. They are serving in different corners of our country.

The noteworthy feature of Kirem parish is communal amity. The fact that the Kirem church building was saved by the local Hindus from being by Tippu’s demolished men, because of which the descendents of these are families gratefully rembemberd & honored even now on the day of the parish feat, is a testimony in itself to the harmonious relations the Christians have with the people of other faiths. In the long history of Kirem parish we  never come across any friction of communal nature, rather, the support and  the cooperation given by other communities in parish activities, especially in the educational sphere are laudable.
Parish Priests of Kirem Parish:
1. Till 1887 all the parish priests were Goan Priests

Educational Institutions

Kirem is known for its educational Institutions. There were no educational institutions in Kinnigoli – Kirem area. 

The first school was established in 1903. Late Rev. Fr. Aloysius J. D,Souza  started a Primary School. He names the school as Pompei School. In 1967 the school was handed over to the care of Bethany Sisters

Littlle Flower Primary School, Elinje (Est. 9-1- 1928)

Pompei Primary School, Elinje, Patte (now closed) (established in 1920

Pompei Junior College (1943). In 1966 June 22, P.UC, Arts, Science Commerce departments. The school is best known for its results and other co-curricular and cultural activities .

Pompei    College    Founded in 1981    (Link:

Religious Institutions for men and women

Mother of Mercy Convent, Kirem,

S.V.D    House    (Societas Verbi    Divini)
Home for Senior Citizens (established in 2013): Link: wttp.www.

Parish Council



St.    Vincent    Paul    Society
Secular Franciscan Order
I.C.Y. M and Y.C.S.
C.L.C   (Marian Sodality) for Girls
Altar Boys’ Sodality
Women’s Associations (Stree Sangatan)

At present there are 14 vados a,d regular monthly  meetings are held  every month. Each Vado has a Gurkar and   Vado coordinator

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